The World Theatre Training Library

AKT-ZENT – International Theatre Centre Berlin appointed Research Centre of the International Theatre Institut

Artistic director: Dr. Jurij Alschitz;

Programme director: Christine Schmalor

On the occasion of the 33rd  World Congress of the International Theatre Institute, held from 19th to 25th of September 2011  in Xiamen (China), the general assembly appointed  AKT-ZENT as  ITI Research Centre. The ITI works under the patronage of  UNESCO.

Since 2003, AKT-ZENT has conducted European and international theatre research projects on various themes; the latest one was dedicated  to “The Art of Dialogue”, supported by the European Commission, programme Culture. All research is practice-based, realised in seminars, laboratories and master-classes, and finally published in theatre hand-books for theatre practitioners.

The new multi-annual project will be
The World Theatre Training Library / Laboratory

The World Theatre Training Library is the most comprehensive collection of worldwide existing theatre training methods and exercises. It brings together all different theatre traditions and schools. The World Theatre Training Library will contain of 10 volumes on different themes and is going to be published worldwide in the six UNESCO languages at least.

In Asia, Africa, and Latin America, Master-Classes for theatre teachers will be established to conduct in-depth research in the particular regions and – at the same time – to support the development of theatre training. This will be realised by specific programmes for theatre teachers in the respective countries. In some countries this will lead to the establishment of the first professional theatre education programme / school.

In the following World Theatre Training Laboratories actors and theatre teachers are going to put the collected exercises to the test about its universal use for the theatre practice. This research will emphasise on the principle of exercises as way of communication in the intercultural work.

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The publication of the World Theatre Training Library shall bring the world-wide richness of old and new trainings and exercises to all theatre people in the world.

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