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Introductory course: The Vertical of the Role

A method for the actor’s self-preparation

22 – 24 June 2018 in Berlin

Trainer: Christine Schmalor

Artistic Direction: Dr Jurij Alschitz

The seminar will focus on the central theme of the method: the self-contained preparation for the role is challenging the actor to create and engage as an independent artist.

The actor becomes the author of the role. S/he pursues an internal issue echoed in their on-stage actions and language which allude to philosophical dimensions. The acting is moving beyond an everyday realism.

The change in perspective makes all the difference. It requires a specific stage-language by opening up new energy sources of expression. If thoughts and ideas are to fly, we ourselves must take off, even if only a little bit, from the Earth.

The seminar will introduce a specific training and the first working steps towards the “Vertical of the Role”

Fundamental changes in acting habits and the expansion of personal vocabulary are not achieved from one day to the next. We invite you to smell the essence of this path of artistic creation. From there you will decide whether you want to go on a longer journey.

If so, our Hybrid Theater Training Platform will provide an online course in dialogue with the teacher leading to a laboratory in September, where the actors will realize their “Verticals” on-stage.

At any moment, you can test this theatrical training concept in hybrid format with the free TRY OUT version:


Tuition fee for the introductory course: 120 €

Working hours daily 10-17:00

Language of tuition: englisch / on-stage: mother-tongue

Place: Skalitzerstraße 97, 10997 Berlin

Information and application:

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