Seminar – Workshop

The Vertical of the Role

A method for the actor’s self-preparation

The artistic director Dr. Jurij Alschitz introduces a new concept of training:

Self-preparation in the hybrid format of online + stage practice

  • Individual online course / flexible enrolment
  • Guided online course in dialogue with a teacher
  • Online course in preparation towards a seminar in Berlin from 27 November – 3 December 2017

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For many years, The Vertical of the Role method has been a classic in the European Theatre. The method was created by Dr. Jurij Alschitz and over the years has been developed continuously by his team of teachers.

The focus lies in the independent actor’s preparation of the role. S/he becomes the author of the role; the encounter with the director on the film set, or on the first day of the rehearsal is at eye level. In addition, this method shows the way to the philosophical spiritual core of the character, challenging the actor to create and engage as an independent artist. The actor-artist is immediately identifiable as soon as s/he enters the stage with a specific weight. S/he pursues an internal issue echoed in their on-stage actions and language which allude to philosophical dimensions. The acting is moving beyond an everyday realism.

This change in perspective makes all the difference. It must be developed in independent and individual work, leading to a specific stage-language by opening up new energy sources of expression. If thoughts and ideas are to fly, we ourselves must take off, even if only a little bit, from the Earth.

Risk this self-experiment. Discover your individual path as artist. Prepare yourself independently in a flexible environment online.  In the practical seminar you will receive the teachers’ support to open up new ways of acting and embodiment.

Video: Alschitz_Hybrid Plattform_Vertical

You decide for yourself whether you want to develop the Vertical of the Role in the classical sense with a dramatic figure by Anton Chekhov taking one character from either The Seagull or The Cherry Orchard

Or, you leave the classical repertoire of roles behind, going one step further, and dedicate yourself to the figure Sei Shōnagon, who wrote “The Pillow Book” 1,150 years ago. This material is an additional challenge, which includes a further development of the method.

How it works:

The courses within the Hybrid Theatre Platform offer a maximum of flexibility. You are responsible for your own working rhythm and your time management.

The online course The Vertical of the Role is built in seven steps with tasks and video lectures which leads (if you decide to do so) to the 8th part: the practical seminar.

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